End the Silence

Since last June, I have not been incredibly active. You might say I’ve been in a creative depression, unable to get that spark ignited and unmotivated to do anything about it.  Lucky for me, people won’t let me just wither away into logic and maths.  Thanks to a few entities out there like Absence of Wax, The International Beethoven Project, and a few friends forcefully nudging me to compose and perform (I have to give my husband alot of credit here), I can say that I am coming out of my lull.


The first act of celebration is the release of my first solo album by netlabel Pan Y Rosas Discos!  It is a free download as part of the Creative Commons community to be shared freely for non-commercial purposes.  I hope you get a chance to listen and enjoy it as much as I loved making it!

Sarah J. Ritch: String Theory


One thought on “End the Silence

  1. “Duo for Solo Cello” – a thoroughly engaging composition: thoughtful, sometimes brooding, sometimes explicitly sorrowful, always rife with a radically divergent compositional style akin to Sara Galán … This is the type of exemplary work for which Creative Commons Netaudio releases could one day also be known, as opposed to the too-narrow subset of genres with which CC has become associated (e.g. IDM, techno, glitch, ad nauseum…).

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