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I have always told my students that music is maths realized as art.  I think this always comes up because I have a tendency to explain music theory fundamentals as if I were teaching arithmetic.  Most of my students, being in the 4th Grade through Jr. High academic range always pick this up and say “Wait, is this music or math?!”  I love seeing the sparkle in their eyes when I explain my view of maths and music…it’s like I just made something boring (presumably maths) into something mystical.

So, naturally, I am drawn to the increasingly expanding field of computer music.  I’m talking low dirty dark magic computer science and skilled music composition.  There aren’t many people working in this new genre who are a genuine mix of coder/composer, but those who are give me hope for the future.  Ensemble Dal Niente is presenting a concert this Saturday which features a new work by one of these special sorts of person, Aaron Einbond.  Aaron is a composer for both electronics and acoustic instruments as well as is a researcher in computer science!  His new work Without Words combines soprano, nine players, and live electronics.

Made with CataRT

Aaron explains the above here :

“In the plot, each dot represents a short sample as performed by Amanda DeBoer, and the axes correspond to the timbral qualities of the sounds.  I explored this plot to assemble the samples into micro-montages, which I use in the electronic component of the work, or ask Amanda to recreate live.  I also map them to other audio recordings, so that the performers are asked to recreate a recording of frogs, the sun, or of Wallace Stevens reading.  Because samples of Amanda and the other players were my starting point, their unique sonic identities are woven into the fabric of the work as well.”

And how does one notate this idea? Aaron was kind enough to give us a little peek into the score:

You can check out the realization of this piece live this Saturday. Details given below.


Saturday, June 9, 2012 7:30pm

Nichols Concert Hall
1490 Chicago Avenue
Evanston, IL
Tickets: $20 general/$10 students, available at the door

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