Absence of Wax: are NetLabels the new thing?

I was recently approached by Devin Sarno, who runs a cool thing called “Absence of Wax“.  I have never heard of such a thing, but apparently this is something called a netlabel.  It’s a place online where you can listen to and download music from artists represented by the label, all for free!  I think this is a great idea! Why fight the free downloading of your music? Why not encourage it?!  The point of making music is to share it, right?  You can check out my contribution and those of the other Absence of Wax artists here:


3 thoughts on “Absence of Wax: are NetLabels the new thing?

  1. Hi,
    Netlabels are a very good thing for music. I Think you know many of them are using Creative Commons licences, which allow people to share (and even sometimes modify) the music : http://creativecommons.org/
    There are tons of netlabels like Absence of Wax or the excellent blocSonic ;-). You can have an idea by visiting the two websites of David Nemeth :
    – Acts of Silence (http://www.actsofsilence.com/) and its free nelabels list (http://www.actsofsilence.com/netlabels/)
    – and his new project called The Easy Pace (http://www.theeasypace.com/) where he selects new releases of Creative Commons Music

    … but you can share your music by yourself with platforms like Bandcamp our Soundcloud where you can also choose Creative Commons licences for your sounds. Check out this nice release of Pantree Owl for example : http://pantreeowl.bandcamp.com/

    Welcome in this world where art is travelling…

    Greetings from France

    Toine, from http://www.adiffuser.net website, which deals with free (like in free speach) artists and works…

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