New Tunes!!! And more to come…

The concert on July 29th of this year was great! Anaphora worked incredibly hard and gave heartfelt and powerful performances of some of my favorite stuff. I’ve posted the ENTIRE concert to the SOUNDS page of this site….check it out.

Of the performances, I have to say the most touching was that of my husband, Aurelien Pederzoli. He had been asking me for his “own” sonata for the past 3 years. It took me this long to finally put pencil to paper…frankly because I had to. He could only be so patient…as I finished pieces for other people in the meantime. I finally stood up to the pressure and wrote him Sonata de Kinor in 2 movements, Cantor and Danzon. On the SOUNDS page, you’ll find the 1st movement alone-funny story:

While it took 3 years to prepare myself to write this piece, I procrastinated and battled with writer’s block up to 3 days before the concert. Aurelien was amazing to put together the 1st movement so beautifully…but the 2nd movement caused a bit of a controversy in my house.

Aurelien-“Here you’ve written the hardest thing for violin (wouldn’t give myself so much credit)…its GREAT! And you’ve given me 3 DAYS to prepare it?!”

You can only get away with this type of delinquency with your husband.

So….expect to see the ENTIRE Sonata de Kinor premiered this season. But I hope you enjoy the 1st movement along with Polar, Tarot, Septet, and the Duo for Solo Cello.


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