Anaphora Interdisciplinary Arts Festival!

Anaphora presents “Interdisciplinary Arts Festival” this Thursday, May 27, May 28, and May 30. The Interdisciplinary Arts Festival will feature selections from the Fluxus Performance Workbook. Hosted by Saul Garcia, special guest of Sarah J. Ritch (Anaphora’s Composter-in-Residence), this 3-day festival will feature a variety of works.

At the end of each day Spencer Hutchinson will present an energy-packed performance of original electronic music and video work. Samples of his work can be heard here: More details about the Festival are listed below. Please also visit

Thursday, May 27
Jennifer Norback Fine Art Gallery (JNFA)
217 W Huron, Chicago
Featuring: Pre-concert lecture on Fluxus given by Dennis Rosenthal (owner of Rosenthal Fine Art), live performance of “Your Reaction to this Work,” a sound installation by Ryan Ingebritsen, “Exit No. 8” (installation), “Prelude,” “Duet for Performer and Audience.”
Cost: FREE

Friday, May 28
2830 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago
Featuring: “Prelude,” “In Unison,” “Duet for Performer and Audience,” “Laundry Piece.”
Cost: $10

Sunday, May 30
The Green Mill Lounge
4802 N. Broadway, Chicago
Featuring: Saul Garcia premieres “Stutter” by Sarah J. Ritch, the Fluxus work “Concerto for Solo Piano and Performer,” and encore performances of “Your Reaction to this Work,” “Duet for Performer and Audience,” and “Prelude.”
Cost: $5

Fluxus is an exploration of art conversation. The first examples of Fluxus date back to John Cage’s famous class at The New School, where artists such as George Brecht, Allan Kaprow, and Alison Knowles began to create art works and performances in musical form. Artist George Maciunas organized the first Fluxus event at the AG Gallery in NYC in 1961.

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