Anaphora’s final performance of the 2008/2009 season is this Sunday, June 7 at 2PM at the Green Mill (4802 N. Broadway, Chicago). Pieces programmed for Anaphora’s Contemporary Series Season Finale emphasize either the experience of the live performance or call for a direct connection between the performers and audience. The concert costs $5 to attend and guests must be 21 or older.

Osvaldo Golijov: “Yiddishbuk” for String Quartet
Jacob TV: “Grab It!” for Tenor Saxophone and Ghettoblaster
Sam Krahn: “Missed Connections” for Clarinet, Viola, Piano and Soprano
Sarah Ritch: untitled piece for 2 Violins – WORLD PREMIERE
Rich Ortiz: “Persistence in the Face of Adversity” for String Quartet

Anaphora will present the World Premiere of Composer-in-Residence Sarah J. Ritch’s untitled piece for 2 violins. The stage presence of rock music serves as a catalyst for Ritch’s work. Ritch met Composer Sam Krahn at Roosevelt University. Krahn’s “Missed Connections,” originally written for Clarinet, Viola, Guitar and Soprano, is inspired by a category.

“Yiddishbuk” based on a collection of apocryphal psalms written by Kafka with the same name. Kafka’s inscriptions are transcribed into a work for String Quartet.

“Grab It!” is one of Jacob TV’s so-called boombox works. In these works, Jacob TV is known for making use of electronics, incorporating sound bytes from political speeches, commercials, interviews, talk shows, TV evangelists and what have you to create an ‘urban song’ with a colorful mix of high and low culture.

Hope to see you at the Green Mill this Sunday!

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